There are many good reasons for using video in education. If you want to create your own courses, Cloudreel is your perfect partner. You will learn how to create your own education, how to organize your content, how you create and implement videos, images and texts.

With Cloudreel you get access to many courses  that you easily can share across your organisation.

  • How you prepare a course
  • Create your own courses from start to finish 
  • Recipes for successful education
  • How to create great looking videos with your smartphone



Plan and organize your content in a structured way. Divide into chapters and add tasks


With Cloudreel´s templates it´s easy to create videos for education. Templates will guide you and you choose if you want to add images, texts or your power point presentation


In simple steps you will learn how and what video to do. The key to success is knowledge, you get it here.

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